Josh Kelsall

Josh Kelsall

Josh qualified as an Osteopath with a Master’s degree from Leeds Beckett University. He worked at Wakefield Osteopaths for 3 years before leaving to work and travel in Australia. Due to Covid 19, Josh has returned to the UK and now living in Leeds.

His enthusiasm for manual therapy proceeded his own ankle injury sustained whilst playing football. Once he witnessed first-hand how manual therapy can greatly improve the body’s’ ability to heal and improve function he was hooked.

Josh strongly believes that every person is unique and treatment/patient management must be approached with this in mind. He adopts a structural approach to managing a patients’ problems – sessions will consist of hands on treatment often followed by rehabilitation exercises to be completed at home. He believes that patient involvement in both understanding and targeting their pain is key to recovery.

Josh is particularly interested in breathing mechanics, especially in regard to those suffering with asthma and how Osteopathy could reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. Furthermore, being a sporty individual, he is particularly interested in sporting injuries and rehabilitation. He gets great joy in helping people overcome injury and return to the sports they love.

Josh’s main interests outside of Osteopathy are football, golf and mixed martial arts. Although having a similar build to Peter Crouch, he’s not expecting an England call up any time soon.