All the osteopaths who practice at the Guiseley Osteopathic Centre are fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council.  The General Osteopathic Council regulates the practice of osteopathy in the United Kingdom.  By law osteopaths must be registered with us in order to practise in the UK.

Wendy for WebsiteWendy Holtham D.O. (Principal)

Wendy has over 25 years experience in treating a wide range of patients.  She has a passion for treating the complex patient.   She says “over the years I’ve gained experience and confidence in treating patients who have very complicated problems.  I have seen first hand how osteopathy can help those patients who consult us often as a last resort.  By evaluating the way the whole body interrelates I believe that improvements can be achieved where other approaches may have failed”.read more...

Tanya Shanks BSc(Hons), MOst

 Tanya graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University achieving an Undergraduate Masters in Osteopathy. She is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a full member of the Institue of Osteopathy. Prior to working as an Osteopath Tanya graduated from The University of Leeds in 2005 as a fully qualified Diagnostic Radiographer, working in hospitals in both London and Leeds.  She continued her work as a Radiographer throughout her Osteopathic training. read more…

 Michael Robson MOst.

Michael was introduced to the positive aspects of Osteopathy after sustaining many injuries whilst playing County Badminton. He soon realised that the holistic treatment of the whole body not only speeded up his recovery from injury, but more importantly prevented further injuries. The success of the treatment, and speed of his recovery, initiated his interest in this profession.read more…

Sarah Barker MOst.

Sarah completed her Osteopathic training at Leeds Metropolitan University to achieve a Masters’ Degree in Osteopathy in 2016.  She studied Osteopathy because she simply wanted to help relieve people of pain and  get them back to their everyday hobbies and activities that they enjoy.

Sarah likes to take time to explain your diagnosis, including any factors which may be preventing or slowing your recovery. Sarah says  “Our bodies struggle to overcome injury and pain by adapting and compensating which can create further issues. read more