I want to be a tree!

This week Stan is demonstrating “How to be a Tree”

Everyone knows the benefits of a daily walk, but what if you feel a bit unsteady on your legs and are afraid of falling?  We’ve got some very simple but effective exercises to improve your balance – they can even be done while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, so no excuses – everyone can do them.

Everyone knows how important it is for general health to keep moving.  A walk a day keeps the osteopath away!  However, when your balance starts to wobble even everyday activities, such as getting up out of a chair and setting off walking across a room can become a problem.  So how do you get around this?  The answer is simple.  With these exercises, put together from the Later Life Training People, there is now a really easy and effective way to improve your balance and confidence when walking. 

Just by doing exercises like tip-toeing around your kitchen, you can improve your balance when walking. The exercises are designed for anyone to do – whatever shape you are in.  No fuss, no excuses you can do these!